The Bleeker Insurance Agency

Our independent, family owned agency exists to give our clients what they deserve; a personal relationship with an agent who understands and believes that your most valuable assets deserve to be protected properly, at the lowest cost available to you.

​You've spent your entire life working to buy the home of your dreams, that new car you've always wanted and that motorcycle or boat that helps you let loose on the weekend. Are you really willing to only spend 15 minutes or less protecting those things from life's misfortunes?

We think you deserve more. 

By combining today's technology with personal, professional service you don't always get online or over the phone, The Bleeker Agency can save you time and money while properly protecting the things you cherish.

Please call on us today to see how valuable a relationship with an experienced agent can be. 

Founded in 1968 by Harry J. Bleeker, the Bleeker Insurance Agency remains successful in helping it's clients find competitive coverage and competitive pricing.

We Support Local!

Harry J. Bleeker

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