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The Bleeker Insurance Agency

Our independent, family-owned agency exists to give our clients what they deserve; a personal relationship with an agent who understands and believes that your most valuable assets deserve to be protected properly, at the lowest cost available to you.

​You've spent your entire life working to buy the home of your dreams, that new car you've always wanted and that motorcycle or boat that helps you let loose on the weekend. Are you really willing to only spend 15 minutes or less protecting those things from life's misfortunes?

We think you deserve more. 

By combining today's technology with personal, professional service you don't always get online or over the phone, The Bleeker Agency can save you time and money while properly protecting the things you cherish.

Please call on us today to see how valuable a relationship with an experienced agent can be. 

We Support Local!

Below Is a List of Some Organizations We Support:

5 Benefits of Working With An Independent Insurance Agency

  1. Find the Best Value Plan.  Since independent agents represent an array of insurance companies with many different types of coverage options, you will have a choice of many price points. Save time on filling out many different online forms for quote comparisons; with an independent agent, you will receive quotes from many insurance providers. They can also bundle several different types of insurances if you need. Oftentimes, an independent insurance agent can find a better value for your dollar. They do the research, you get the savings.

  2. Make an Informed Decision.  Independents are well-versed experts in the complexities of insurance; they can explain everything to you in simple terms so you can make the best decision. They can ensure you receive adequate coverage at an affordable rate.

  3. They'll Go To Bat for You.  If ever you were to have a billing or claim concern or need a change in coverage, your neighborhood insurance agent is there for you to answer questions and work with the insurance company on your behalf.

  4. Shop Local!  Shopping local benefits your community. Independent insurance agents often get involved with the community by sponsoring youth sports teams, supporting other local businesses, attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, etc.

  5. Let Your Insurance Grow With You.  Independent insurance agents can commit to review your coverage on a regular basis. As your life's situations change, your insurance coverage may need to, also. If you are thinking of buying a home, starting a business, get married, have children, adding a driver to your policy, etc., these situations all come with different types of insurance to help you along the way. Independent agents are there to help!

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